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Classical Music Rave

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Brendan Jan Walsh

As a music student, I felt the urge to do more than perform on stage. I wanted to be part of a cultural revolution, finding new ways to connect art to the world. So I temporarily sold my artistic soul and was (much to my own surprise) admitted to a world-class business school, ESCP Europe. I consequently gathered professional experience in the corporate world aiming to bring back this expertise into the cultural sector. Whilst working for the European Union Youth Orchestra the entrepreneurial bug bit me, causing me to start my own strategic marketing company BRENDING that connects Arts to Business and Consumers. Until I got fed up of writing plans for other people and chose to practise what I preached. Nowadays I don’t have a real job, but lots of work as a cellist, conductor, classical music deejay, consultant, lecturer, presenter and producer of events that break with etiquette, such as the Classical Music Rave where audiences dance all night to – indeed – classical music.

Event: Classical Music Rave

The idea Classical Music Rave was formed during a brainstorm with some wildly artistic Amsterdam-based young minds who dreamed of a party that would see everybody go bonkers on the old classics of Mozart, Beethoven, Prokofiev and all their historic mates. Everybody chipped in to make it happen: stunning light effects, whopping sound, crazy acrobatics, wicked deejays and of course, phenomenal musicians performing live. The first five editions took place in Amsterdam, then the concept was picked up in Brazil and Estonia. Next up are Havana, Sao Paulo, New York and Antwerp.

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