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_Falco Tibben klFalco Tibben | Founder

The dedication and drive of promising artists, designers and other creatives inspired me to start MixerGuide in 2016. It is not easy to stand out from the crowd, especially in the established cultural and creative scene. As a platform, MixerGuide aims to connect creatives with a keen audience. Through sharing inspiring stories and exclusive offers, we would like the ingenious and extraordinary products and services to become known to those with an eye for art, design, writing and performance.


Eva Carp | Copywriter and Interviews

Having studied graphic design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, I know first-hand what makes designers tick. Even after getting my degree in comparative literature, the designer in me is still very much present. I treat text the same as I would treat a design: less is more, but never without losing its soul or adding a quirky twist. That is why I enjoy hearing the stories of other artists, designers and creatives and transforming these into unique texts. As unique as their products and services. As a platform, MixerGuide functions as a modern soap box. Stories make the world go ‘round. They are what ultimately bind us.


vincentVincent Wielders | UX Designer 

As a user experience designer and a storyteller, I like to combine both skills to build a bridge between functional products and expressive design. Over the years, I have developed a clear design strategy and the ability to translate intricate services into clear visual stories. A strong and solid concept should be explained in a single sentence. Innovation, sustainability and connecting people is what makes my heart beat a little faster.


Robbert-color-17112015-smallRobbert Lokhorst | Developer

Even though every artist, designer or other creative featured on MixerGuide has followed a different creative career path, they all have one thing in common: being determined to make a living doing what they love. Connecting these creatives and letting them share their unique stories and experiences is what I find incredibly valuable and inspiring.


Dagmar van SchaikDagmar van Schaik | Designer Inspiration Boards

As a creative as well as a consumer, MixerGuide meets my needs. As a creative, I get inspired by reading other people’s stories and learning how they have developed certain concepts. As a consumer, I am curious to hear more about the story behind the products. Even when visiting regular shops, I regularly ask shop owners about the origin of the products that I am about to buy. MixerGuide provides me with such stories even before I click on the ‘add to cart’ button. The idea that MixerGuide will become an enormous database, containing many stories and products is really exciting!


floortjeFloortje Muskens | Communications

Even when I was a small child I loved hearing stories. I always want to learn more. Not only about the common facts, but particularly about the extraordinary details. These details may not be necessary to understand the basic idea, but they are crucial to give a person, product or service its sense of uniqueness. Fact is, basically everything has a unique story that is waiting to be told. You just have to dig a little deeper or simply ask to find out more. Nowadays, I work as a text writer and PR professional. Which is not surprising, seeing that both careers rely on storytelling. Being part of MixerGuide feels like being in a sweet shop; we have so many inspiring stories to tell about our promising designers from across the globe!


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A Talent Scout on the look-out for promising artists, designers and other creatives. Are you a full-time member of the creative scene? And do you have a keen eye for unique products and inspiring services? Drop us a line!

– Did we forget to mention you in the above? We are always looking for new talent to take MixerGuide to the next level. Let us know how your strong skills might benefit our platform and you might be invited for a coffee and chat at our MixerGuide HQ.