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‘When studying Industrial Product Design in Rotterdam, I followed a ceramics course as an optional subject. I loved it because it involved working with my hands; something I had not experienced until then. I also liked the fact that I could create a product in a relatively short amount of time and sell it straight away. The ceramics course inspired me to work with my hands more often, and not spend the majority of my time sitting behind a computer. It was a real eye-opener.’

‘Since I did not have a lot of money back then, I bought everything I needed to get started at Marktplaats. Like an oven and some basic materials. I rented a small anti-squat studio and initially played with shapes and textures. Creating the designs that I had in mind proved to be difficult at first. This creative process was not something that I had learnt in school, so it took me a while to figure it out. To me, the start of the design process is the most interesting part, as you are free to decide which way to go. It feels like having a blank canvas in front of you with unlimited possibilities.’


‘I ended up doing something radically different from what I initially signed up for at University. The funny thing is that at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, I am currently presented as an example of the endless possibilities that Industrial Product Design has to offer. I was studying to become an engineer focusing on mass production, including production techniques and so on. My current calling is quite the opposite of mass production, as today I am creating unique designs and individual items.’


‘One claim to fame of mine is Natural Balance, a flowerpot with a built-in water reservoir to water plants when needed. As soon as the reservoir starts to empty, the pot tips sideways. Upon refilling it, the flowerpot returns to its original upright position. Natural Balance was financed using Kickstarter. Within a couple of days, I had already reached and exceeded my funding goal. The project became a huge success when it went viral. It took me six months to produce all the orders. ‘Natural Balance’ really put me on the map and various companies started approaching me for collaborations.’


‘My goal is to collaborate with even more companies and create their designs. Next to that, I am focusing on making my products more sustainable. In the next years, I would like to introduce a more circular way of working. I am looking for a way to use recycled materials, but that requires a lot of research. I would also like to start teaching ceramics workshops and show that creating ceramics is not stuffy at all; the outcome can actually be very aesthetic.’


Most Inspiring…

What feeds your (daily dose) of inspiration?

‘The ordinary things around me inspire me the most. Sometimes, certain things just grab my attention when I am taking a walk or when I am cycling from A to B. I often take photographs or I ‘take a mental picture’ when I do not have instant access to a camera. To me, inspiration can be a certain shape or a texture for example, or something that I think could be designed better. If  come across a poorly designed item, I am instantly motivated to put a different spin on it and try to improve it. A great example are chairs: most designer chairs are very static and not dynamic at all. Therefore, I designed a very comfortable chair that can be used to relax in, but could also function as a dining chair.’


Designer: ‘My favourite designer is Dieter Rams, he is working for Braun. Many of Apple’s products are inspired by his designs too. Dieter Rams’ creations have a depth to them; even after some time you can still be surprised by their ingeniousness.’


Netflix Series: ‘I loved watching Abstract: The Art of Design, because this series presents several design disciplines and their unique characteristics. It gave me the opportunity to analyse the design processes of both very famous and lesser-known designers. The series showed the parallels between these designers, as well as their differences. This is what I found most inspiring; to see one designer having a radically different approach from another.’


Music: ‘Music-wise I am drawn to rock and synthesizer music, and preferably a combination of the two. One of my favourite bands is She Wants Revenge. I play them a lot at my studio while I am working; I need to listen to music to be productive.’


Place: ‘The Kralingse Park in Rotterdam; a huge park in the city centre with a pond at its core. Being there brings me peace of mind and I also go there to run. It is a nice way for me to escape the hectic pace of daily life.’


(Web) Shop: ‘I like Crowdy House. An online store with great designers and nice items. While browsing, I recognise many kindred spirits and their designs are just awesome.’


Café: ‘I like visiting Rotown in Rotterdam, which features a bar and a club under the same roof. Its programming is quite diverse and the audience is always great.’       


MixDrink: Gin & Tonic. A great drink to have when going out or when meeting friends at home. I love a slice of cucumber in it or – a bit more exotic – a few finely cut orange peels. These will curl up in your drink, which looks and tastes nice.’


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