Woes van Haaften & Roosje van Donselaar

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Woes van Haaften & Roosje van Donselaar

Post Modern offers limited edition, one-of-a-kind artworks, the size of a postcard. These unique pieces can be admired and acquired at international art fairs, renowned art and design stores and via the Post Modern webshop. With their unconventional concept and presentation, Post Modern makes art accessible to a large audience. ‘Our bite-sized artworks can become a unique present, a one-of-a-kind souvenir or part of a budding art collection, as their small size and price even allow art collectors on a budget to join the game,’ says Woes van Haaften.

‘Post Modern can be seen as a natural outcome of several projects that I had been previously working on. This organic process is still very much visible in the way we approach our work today. Post Modern started as an idea in 2015 and it took another six months to take shape. When the outlines were clear, we started to invite artist and designers to join our project. In 2016 Post Modern was introduced to an audience for the first time, at Festival Designkwartier in The Hague.’

‘Our bite-sized artworks can become a unique present, a one-of-a-kind souvenir or part of a budding art collection’

‘These days, Post Modern is increasingly present at art fairs instead of design events. We are moving towards a more serious position, where we can introduce artists and their work in a low-key manner to an audience that could be inspired to buy more of their (regular) work at a later stage. I really enjoy my role as a curator and cultural initiator, in a place where Post Modern can co-exist next to established galleries and institutes. Our concept allows us to show a wide selection of works.’

‘We keep reinventing ourselves. We try to stay in touch with our audience and watch how they react. We evaluate, refine our concept and get closer to our essence. Post Modern remains a context driven process. We are working with various parties and we adapt to where we are finding ourselves at a certain place and time. It is an interesting evolution. Practice makes perfect.’

‘In the future, we aim to increase our collaborations with international art and design stores where we can showcase and sell our artworks. Teaming up with retailers means Post Modern can present its concept in a more permanent way. I also envision us at museum shops, where visitors can take their own artwork home. The postcard-size allows them to transport it in their suitcase even. Next to that, we will remain present at many international art fairs to connect a global audience with the artists and designers in our portfolio.’


Most Inspiring…

What feeds your (daily dose of) inspiration?
‘We visit museums and galleries wherever we go and reflect on what we see. I also go online to be inspired; there is so much to find out there. Reflecting and refining our vision is also something I enjoy doing with Lex Pott, a close friend of mine with a successful design studio in Rotterdam. He is a valuable sparring partner when it comes to Post Modern.’

…Artist / Designer:Danish artist FOS creates poetic installations from various materials. Through his work he investigates how space defines our interacting. He combines art and design to communicate with his audience. An exciting mix of different media to tell his story.’

…Radio / Podcast: ‘I enjoy listening to the VPRO radio programme ‘Nooit Meer Slapen’, where Pieter van der Wielen invites guests for an hour-long studio conversation about art, culture or current affairs. I find it fascinating to hear about other people’s personal journeys and how they got to where they are now.’

…YouTube: ‘Through the YouTube channel of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, I came across an interview with Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. He speaks about how unpredicted events forced him to change the course of his career and reinvent himself. What could easily have become a struggle ultimately became his strength.’

…Music:Dean Blunt – a musician, record producer, singer-songwriter, director and conceptual artist – is an equally autonomous soul. I have a strong preference for people who follow their own path and cannot be defined by certain categories or roles, yet still create extraordinary work.’

‘Last year, Roosje and I saw singer-songwriter Moses Sumney perform at De Duif in Amsterdam. The setting of this huge church combined with his musical talent and energy: very impressive!’

‘And finally, a great insider tip: we are great fans of Connan Mockasin, a multi-talented, absurdist musician from New Zealand. He hardly ever visits the Netherlands but will perform and show his latest work at Paradiso in October.’

…Place:Museum Insel Hombroich is one of the most inspiring places I know. Its motto was chosen to echo a statement of Paul Cézanne’s – that art is a harmony parallel to nature. The museum creates a space as an ideal in both artistic and landscape terms. It is a great place to wander round.’

…MixDrink: ‘Gin & Ginger Ale. I love ginger and other heart-warming, full-bodied flavours and spices.’


Personal Details
Name: Woes van Haaften (founder) / Roosje van Donselaar
Brand: Post Modern

Year of Birth: 1979 / 1986
Country: The Netherlands

Education: Design Academy Eindhoven and Gerrit Rietveld Academy DesignLAB / Audio Visual Art at Gerrit Rietveld Academy

Start current brand: 2015
Place of work and residence: Amsterdam


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